everyone hates the cops

So tonight I am drinking in honor of how we ran out of money since we’ve been laid off since February. It’s seriously funny too, because are you aware that having no income disqualifies you from being on welfare? I’m not even kidding, either.

So I’ve pretty much toasted off my own face at this point and I’m literally stuck in my house forever because I just learned that now in Las Vegas if you go out and you are totally minding your own fucking business like driving home from work or something and some dickass cop comes along and hits your stupid ass while driving 109 miles per hour that shit IS YOUR FAULT. Even if he wasn’t running lights and sirens. And the speed limit was 45. And his light was red.

And then they will call the cop a hero and throw you in jail and demonize you in the community. Also, they will try to get donations for your family even though everyone else is pretty much unemployed and already paid 2 million for some hero funeral by way of tax dollars plus life insurance payout. What the fuck ever. I love how its okay to be an asshole as long as you have some fucking badge.

I’m not even exaggerating and I feel okay about hating cops because I know one and he told me that it is pretty much metros policy to racially profile. If they can decide if I am a criminal based on my skin color I can decide they are dickholes based on their badge.


  1. I feel for you. I wouldn’t say I hate the cops, but I would say I’ve never had a pleasant interaction with a cop. except in Canada. They were super nice.

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