Allende’s Communist Party Headquarters

We continued on to the “nice neighborhood” where we saw the Headquarters of the Allende Socialist Party.

Socialist Party Headquarters

This was one of the first torture centers. They are still working on making it into something, but we were allowed in. It was so creepy.


Although it was “just” an empty building you could see black electrical marks around the ceiling and make out where the bed framers were, also with electric marks. Knowing they were made during the victimization of people made it more unsettling.


When they brought us through they told us what happened in the places we were standing. We were told “this is the room where you were stripped” after you entered the building.


We exited the building through the door that they used to remove the bodies. It had nice tile.

The Bodies

The fact that it was empty combined with the fact that it did not feel like a museum made it a very odd experience. From the outside of the building, you would never guess what happened here.

Socialist Party Headquarters

You wouldn’t know, that is, unless you took a closer look at the brick laid in front of the building with the names of those who are believed to have died inside.

Brick Road

Yes. Allende’s Communist Party Headquarters. One of the first places citizens of Chile were tortured after the coup. It will make a fantastic museum someday.

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