What to do in Camagüey

I know I’m the only person who is going to write this since I’m horrible, but fuck Camagüey. The whole place is irredeemable.

First of all, this is a colonial city that was designed as a labyrinth to confuse attackers. Sounds good until you’re there and hopelessly lost just wandering down dark streets that look like this:


I was literally getting lost from the moment I stepped out of my casa, every single time. Everything looks the same and you start feeling very claustrophobic like the walls are closing in on you.

I guess if you like art you may like to check out the statues they have there. That takes about 10 minutes so I’m basically really annoyed at the tour company for making me spend 3 days of my trip to Cuba in stupid Camagüey where there is nothing to do. I hope I never go back.

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