You fall in love every night in Cuba

They were dancing salsa in the park in Santiago de Cuba. Revolution Day! Literally every Cuban is so talented I can’t believe it. In Cuba, normal people just know the whole Dirty Dancing routine and they dance it in the street.

A handsome man grabbed my hand and would not take no for an answer and suddenly I was Dirty Dancing in the park in Santiago de Cuba on New Years Day. I wasn’t even doing too bad so it’s a good thing I watched that movie 37 million times when I was a child. All to prepare for this moment. It. was. glorious.

My companion was also now dancing and we were having a wonderful time. But we had to go. We had an activity: learning to dance the salsa. I’d already danced more Salsa in the park than I would the rest of the evening but off we went to the planned activity.

It was there I met Alex. A beautiful Cuban man who spoke perfect English and was charming as hell. He pronounced my name Ilary and even though that is typical in Cuba, I love the way it sounds when he says it. We chatted the rest of the evening walking around the streets of Santiago, hand in hand.

He did that thing when he kissed me where he held my face in both of his hands. God I love that. “This is a beautiful start to the New Year” he told me. And I agreed. Dammit, the problem with Cuba is I fall in love every night here.

When he asked if I’d like to go home with him I said yes without hesitation. Maybe it’s because I vowed to let loose on vacation or maybe it’s just because I’m a whore. But I’d have said yes no matter where we were. The fact that we were in Cuba just intensified my excitement and made everything perfect.

Ugh, this is so gross. Even I hate myself for writing this.

We spent a beautiful evening together. He was eager to please me and he did. When he left my casa I asked if I would see him the next day. He said yes and I knew I would.

If I could re-live that evening again I would and I wouldn’t change anything about it. It was the perfect Cuban evening and I will never forget it. Even if I never see Alex again, he made my New Year special and I fell in love with Cuba.

Also, I never saw Alex again LOL. Because of course I didn’t. How dare he make me fall in love with him, I mean honestly.

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