Travel Hair Dryer that won’t Explode at 220v

Why are travel hair dryers ALL garbage? I’ve never met one single woman who has not had a dual voltage hair dryer explode in some foreign country. Usually they break the first time you use them. I’m getting suspicious that they don’t actually work (only because I have quite literally never seen one work.) Dual voltage travel hair dryers are trash.

If you don’t want to read my post you can buy the 220v blow dryer here, you absolute monster.

I can’t just NOT blow-dry my hair. That would be insanity, it’s out of the question. I’ve had a hair dryer on hand at all times since I was an actual fetus even though I was bald until I was three. I need a hair dryer. I don’t know what my hair looks like when I don’t blow dry it, but I don’t want to find out!

The last time I traveled I was with several Australian girls who borrowed my awesome purple voltage converters. In exchange they let me use their hair dryers. Mine exploded on day one after about 4 seconds of use. The borrowed dryers weren’t dual voltage, but they were 220v and they did not explode. I must have one.

At the time I made note to travel to Australia at some point so I could pick me up a nifty 220 volt hair dryer to travel with next time. I haven’t made it to Australia yet. (Australia sounds like a nice place to die, I have to check it out.)

I will buy a 220v hair dryer and if I burn it out I’m just going to throw myself into the ocean. If the plug reaches far enough, I’ll take the damn dryer with me.

220 volt hair dryer for travel

Luckily it’s like SUPER hard to find a 220v European hair dryer here in America. And when I say hard, I mean it’s super impossible. Lucky for me Amazon is a thing. Meet my new hair bae. I hope Cuba doesn’t murder it on the first voyage.

You can buy this European blow dryer on Amazon. I’ll update once I field test this in Cuba.

How this worked in Cuba

This worked great in Cuba, but I did have to use the converter because most of the power outlets I found were the same as in the United Staes. However, some outlets were marked 220v in Cuba and I didn’t have any trouble plugging it in anywhere. If you are able to try it in another country, let me know how it worked!

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