Why I Love & Hate New Wash by Hair Story

New WashIf you don’t know, New Wash is a pretty pricey co-wash that claims it will give you the best hair of your life. Since you’re here I assume that you already know that, so I won’t waste time introducing the product. You’re here for details, I get it.

I want to preface my New Wash review by saying that I love what this product has done for my hair and I am now a subscriber. However, there are a lot of issues with New Wash that I didn’t see in any of the reviews I read prior to purchasing and I think they’re worthy of discussion. I was not paid to write this review but if you’d like to send me money I’m open to it.

Purchasing New Wash

I read in a few reviews that New Wash was hard to return if you ordered from the website, so I recommend purchasing it from Amazon. Those reviews may have been bogus, but since I didn’t return anything I can’t really say. All I know is that Amazon takes returns for sure. Also, this is my affiliate link so I’d appreciate if you purchased from there if you find this information helpful.

Scrub until you hate yourself

The consistency of New Wash is like conditioner so it feels more natural to slop it on as if it were… well, conditioner. The instructions led me to believe that the most important factor was rinsing the product completely from your hair. My hair was greasy for days before I figured out that you have to SCRUB. And I mean like in a cocaine fueled way. You’re not stripping the oil from your hair with a harsh detergent so now you actually have to wash it. Gross.

The scrubbing is actually awful because you lose a lot of hair in your hands and frankly I found that alarming. I’m told that this is normal but this whole “aging” thing is some bullshit. Anyway, I found the Hairstory scalp brush from the starter kit to be essentially worthless. I keep a wide tooth comb in the shower and use it to spread the product evenly into my hair and then use my fingers to scrub. It works much better. I guess only my fingers have the power to penetrate my stupid scalp.

Even with several minutes of vigorous scrubbing, sometimes I will miss a portion of my head and it will end up greasy. Of course I never notice until after I’ve dried my hair and when that happens I have to wash it again or just be extra sexy that day. Disclaimer: I fucking HATE washing my hair. This is a life long passionate hatred stemming from having shitty hair. So needless to say, going through the whole styling process twice is infuriating and out of the question unless it’s a special occasion such as MY OWN WEDDING.

Hair Color

Once every fiscal year or so I actually go to my stylist and have my roots done. Turns out I hate letting other people do my hair as much as I hate doing it myself. I mean, not enough to grow it out and be a brunette, but still. Last time I had my highlights fixed, my stylist noticed that my hair was not absorbing color as well. So I am not as blonde now as I used to be. I’ve heard New Wash helps keep your color in tact, but I guess anything that keeps color in would also keep new color out.

When your hair changes your life and you’re kind of mad about it

New Wash HairstoryThe reason I have stuck with New Wash is that when I do it right, the results really are life changing. I’ve always thought my hair felt like straw and now it is so soft that I touch it throughout the day. Who would have thought that someday I’d be a REAL girl with REAL hair that felt like hair? But I am an actual fool, so I tried going back to my old shampoo. I was so disgusted by the results I didn’t even make it through the process. Like it or not, I’m in love with my New Wash hair.

At best, New Wash is a huge inconvenience to use. Do I think it’s worth it? Yes! I hate the texture of my shitty horse hair and this shampoo works wonders on it. If you also have shitty hair with a gross texture, then you should absolutely try New Wash. If you don’t, maybe it’s not worth your time.

Tips for using New Wash when you love it and also hate it a little

My best trick for using New Wash is to flip your hair upside down to go at that hair from the bottom. The bottom is usually where I miss the greasy spots so I flip up and down a few times and scrub in both directions. (Taking forever in the shower is just a part of my life now.) For rinsing, it’s easier to turn off the shower and stick your head under the bath faucet.

My other trick that (you will hate) is to wash it twice. I don’t think the claim that you will use less of this product is accurate. You will get much more out of this whole experience if you surrender to the fact that you just spend a shit ton of time and money on your hair now. I do wash my hair less frequently, but mostly because it takes so much longer than it used to. But my life has been much happier since I stopped worried about “saving” the product and started just recklessly throwing it on like some kind of heiress.

My very last tip is actually just a secret: I think you can straight up use New Wash as a conditioner. I have not tried this yet, but the next time my hair absolutely has to be stunning I think I will wash my scalp with regular shampoo and use New Wash after. I know that is cheating and probably not good for my hair but sometimes I can’t be bothered to spend 45 minutes in the shower only to dry my hair and learn that it’s not clean enough.

Update: While I was on vacation I used shampoo to scrub my scalp before applying New Wash. (I did not use the shampoo on the ends of my hair.) It worked flawlessly each time. If you are doing something important I would recommend this method. I guess sometimes your hair just needs to get stripped.

Don’t forget to click my Amazon link if you hate your hair current hair enough that you want to have a love/hate relationship with New Wash.

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