Make your Trip Weird at the Museum of Death

Hollywood Museum of DeathSo you are on Hollywood Boulevard and you say to yourself “How can I amp up the weirdness factor of my trip such that my family will become super uncomfortable when I tell them about it later?” Hint: it is NOT the Hollywood Wax Museum because that place is a snore and probably not even interesting to people who find wax figures intriguing. 

The Museum of Death will have your head on a stick, baby! They also have a serial killers actual mummified head and it is not made of wax at all. If that sounds CRAZY awesome to you, then you have to check out the Museum of Death.

When they say service is dead, they aren’t kidding. The Museum of Death is hands down the most welcoming place we experienced in Los Angeles. The guy even turned the two headed turtle around for us so we could look in his two faces! He also checked on us a couple of times during the tour and at the end we chatted about some of the exhibits. He seemed genuinely enthusiastic to talk about the museum. I really can’t say enough positive things about how I was treated.

I did pay $15 to get into the Museum of Death. However, after experiencing the Wax Museum and some of the other lame offerings on Hollywood Blvd, I’d say $15 was a freaking steal. I paid well over $36 for Ripley’s and found those museums useful only as a nice place to find clean public restrooms. 

I think some of the other visitors may have high expectations for something called “Museum of Death”. I mean, disappointment that the crime scene photos made you nauseous? I think that was kind of the point. What did you expect, a butterfly collection? You’d probably be a real weirdo if you didn’t come out of this place a little disturbed. Then again, if you go into a place that advertises crime scene photos and then feel sad that you had to see them, I guess you are already a bit disturbed. Obviously, this place is not for everyone.

I did not find the museum to be disorganized. It is a private collection of weird stuff and would be difficult to organize any more appropriately than it is. There were a few things that you had to search for an explanation for, but that is not a big deal if you don’t have a problem exploring… which is the general expectation I have about a museum.

Other people have commented on the smell… um, its just incense? Incense isn’t my favorite smell or anything, but I’m not offended by it. I didn’t think it was overpowering and I certainly wasn’t going to vomit. Incense smells better than all of the meth addicts wandering around Hollywood Blvd.  So there’s that.

Overall, this was the best thing we saw on Hollywood Blvd, but we did not see any of the Scientology Museums which I’m sure are a hoot! If you are an aspiring mortician, read books about Charles Manson, find yourself bored by conformity or just think a wax museum sounds lame, then this is probably an attraction for you to check out. If you are an aspiring pop-singer, a fan of frilly hats or just a pansy, then there is a lovely wax museum just a few blocks away for twice the price.

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