What do you see at the Hollywood Museum of Death

Hollywood Museum of DeathDuring my brief trip to Los Angeles, the Museum of Death was a stand out attraction that I just happened to find on my new favorite website for weirdos: Atlas Obscura.

Atlas Obscura

On a not-so-totally random side note, you should check out Atlas Obscura even if the Museum of Death is not exactly your thing. I used it to find interesting things along the way while I was planning my trip that I would not have otherwise found. The Museum of Death was certainly off the beaten path, but there are a lot of other cool non-creepy things to search in their database, too.

The Museum of Death

I originally reviewed the Museum of Death on Yelp back in July. However, I think the awesomeness of this attraction deserves its own special place here in October. I do have to mention that the Museum of Death is not for everybody, DUH this is a stupid disclaimer. You probably already know this based on how turned off you are by the sound of a Museum of Death. If you find the name of this museum off-putting you should probably forget that you ever read any of this and go dress up your cat in human clothes or whatever.

Serial Killer Room

On the other hand, if this sounds freaking awesome to you, then you are probably a serial killer wannabe like me. JUST KIDDING, LOL… WATCH DEXTER. Now back to real life. The serial killer room has paintings and letters and weird personal things from all the Mansons and Gacys and probably a few that you’ve never heard of. In fact, the collection of weird serial killer things is so vast that they actually have a serial killers real mummified head on display. And bloody clothing that someone was executed in. Now THAT is a collection to die for.

I’m awesome at puns.

Aspiring Funeral Directors

The Museum of Death also features an enormous collection of funeral home stuff. Some of it is completely random. Such as a wall of matchbooks and other promo materials that you may find interesting if you are an aspiring funeral director marketing person? I personally think this adds to the creepy nature of the whole place, because seriously, flyers for a funeral home? Also, coffins are freaky.

But if that doesn’t make you uncomfortable enough for one day at the museum, then you are in for a treat! The real feature is all the tools of the trade for funeral directors from medical tools to instructional videos for embalming someone. (I think there is even a video of someone actually being embalmed complete with brain removal.) Happy Halloween, kids!

Crime Scene Photos

Are you a fan of true crime? Next up in the Museum of Death is the crime scene photo room with some graphic pictures of dead people and murder victims. This goes on for a while, but it is totally skippable if you get weirded out or you need to feed your baby or something. There are all kinds of crime scenes from murders to horrific car accidents.

After this there is a recreation of the Heaven’s Gate scene and the video playing on a loop. There are some other descriptions of infamous and not-so-infamous crimes. Some weapons, letters and a video. If you are a politics geek like me you can check out the Kennedy Assassination Display. Something for everyone! I know I am forgetting things. Unfortunately, the museum does not allow photos so you have to remember with your mind. And I lost my mind long ago. If you’d like to read more about the Hollywood Museum of Death, check out Roadside America. There are also a few photos on the Yelp page, but if you are very curious you should probably just check it out yourself. I don’t think photos can capture “creepy” as well as the actual Museum of Death does.

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