making out with girls on myspace is NOT bad.

And this is news because WHY???

Okay people FYI she is Miss Fucking Nevada. This is Sin city, homies. If she was Miss Utah or Miss Virgin Mary 2006 or Miss I DO NOT MAKE OUT WITH GIRLS AND POST SHIT ON MYSPACE or something then we could be all mad about it.

In the ghetto they call this REPRESENTING. Its like an oxymoron that Nevada would send a chick to the Miss America pageant who isn’t a stripper. Probably all the chicks she beat out in the Miss Nevada competition were bigger strippers than her. Probably the only reason she won was because she was the least biggest whore of them all which I can see since she is kind of fat.

You see fat chicks aren’t as whorey because other chicks like to make out with chicks who are NOT fat. At least I do.

Its not like I really care because I never even heard of Katie Rees before this. Rock the fuck on Katie, you are officially awesome. And WTF world, do us all a favor and stop your siore’ of virginal democracy spreading or whatever because it is really getting on my godddamn nerves.

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