obviously we are SUPER busy!

I know I can’t dance so shut up right now because I AM WHITE OK.

Just moments after this youtube confessional GEM OF VIDEO GENIUS was shot we had a heart to heart and proceeded to do a group drunk dial. Except we are losers with no lives and actually have no interest in relationships or anything other than ourselves or whatever so instead we call other employees because we have no moral compass.

Pretty much we have revolutionized the drunk dial and that makes us REVOLUTIONARY THINKERS which beats morality especially in Las Vegas.

So we called Sgt. Snitch and of course got his voicemail because he is not one of us and probably maybe has a life and plus it was 1 in the morning so maybe he sleeps or something like that. Then as a group we fired him on a voice mail. I still thought it would have been better to do it by text message because that is the preferred method of communication for imposters like him who say they are computer geniuses and air force para rescue pilots and physical fitness experts who never ever have a job or any money.

But if we had texted him we wouldn’t have ALL been able to comment in the background while Larry was trying to be all PROFESSIONAL about the whole thing we were in the background calling him a dickass little bitch and yelling YOUR FIRED YOUR SERVICES OF FUCKING US OVER ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED!!!

We are Jedis of diobolical plots against people because it only took us 12 days to fire him even though we are not in charge of anything at that place.

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