So last night there was chaos. The air conditioner was broken and it was probably like a hundred million degrees in there. And you couldn’t walk across the bar without being sprayed by beer because it was some fratboys wetdream and like every college drinking movie you’ve ever fucking seen mixed together because people were yelling and jumping up and down and being all happy and shit but in between they would be all WHY IS IT SO FUCKING HOT IN HERE?

All my clothes got covered in sweat and beer and jager and I looked like some kind of spotted cheetah or some shit because my clothes were all stained and I can pretty much never wear them again now because I had to peel them off my body.

And everyone was all confused and yelling and shit because no one knows what to do but I pretty much couldn’t hear them because the music was awesomely loud like in a movie and I was in my own world and shit and like YES I JUST GOT SPRAYED WITH BEER AND I AM ALL STICKY AND I JUST POPPED A BEER AND NOW ITS ON MY HAND AND I AM GOING TO FLING MY HAND AND SPRAY SOMEONE WITH BEER AND THERE IS SOME AWESOME PUNK ROCK BAND PLAYING REALLY LOUD AND THE GUITAR PLAYER IS SUPER SWEATY. YES!

Oh and the most important thing is that there was beer all over the floor so we were pretty much sliding across the floor trying not to fall down or spill the beer. But mostly we just didn’t want to spill the beer because that would just make the floor be more beery and slippery.

It was pretty much the most awesome night of my life.

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