Dream Pirates

Washington lawmakers love to complain that budget deficits are “mortgaging our childrens future”. Indeed. I am mortgaging my own future by taking out student loans and working to attain my degree. I do this because my elders have told me that under such circumstances debt is a GOOD thing. So I ask the declared leaders of my state: is the debt I am incurring to earn my degree worth it? And if so, why isn’t it worth it to the state of Nevada?

The message I am receiving is that my education has no value. It is a waste of money and I am a waste of your resources. You probably aren’t even reading this letter because my insignificance is so daunting that it exhausts you to consider the fate of your actual constituents.

So, instead of mortgaging our childrens future Nevada seeks to deny that future. Better ignorant than in debt, right? This incongruous argument leads me to wonder exactly who’s agenda Nevada lawmakers are serving? Because it damn sure isn’t “the children” as your empty rhetoric insists.

Lets be completely honest: Nevada Lawmakers are not prepared to sacrifice anything they value to balance the budget. You have proved yourselves hopelessly impotent in terms of budget control. The only hope for Nevada rests on the backs of future leaders who will be forced to confront this debt. As our deficit inheritance continues to rise, you seek to revoke our education, too? DREAM PIRATES! This will ensure that the future custodians of the debt you deferred are both uneducated and dependent on welfare. In other words, we will contribute to the problem rather than solving it. This will be your legislative legacy.

Your budget cuts amount to the intellectual rape and economic sabotage of the very progeny you claim to be protecting. This reveals you as nefarious criminals embezzling our future with the false promise of a balanced budget that will never materialize. Your complete disregard for civil responsibility is treasonous and your monumental effort to defile our state disgusts me.

I thought I was needed as a contributing member of society. Unlike you treacherous “representatives” I am a patriot. But my government would rather sentence me to a lifetime of poverty and dependence than extend to me the opportunity promised to me by virtue of being an American. If your reckless agenda is allowed to proceed Las Vegas will soon be lit only by the fire of burning trash cans and patronized only by vagrants that you birthed in the great education massacre of 2010.

I EMPHATICALLY CONDEMN THESE BUDGET CUTS AND HOLD THE STATE IN CONTEMPT MERELY FOR SUGGESTING THEM. If you want a balanced budget then a future generation of educated leaders is what you need to accomplish that. That expense is the “good debt” that is always worth it in the long run. If you continue to endorse this educational terrorism, I will be sure to put the word out that the American Dream has been abolished in the State of Nevada.