how to legally kill people

I figured out why Metro kills so many people. It was a little hard even though I took an ethics class this summer and was told that the most corrupt organization in government is the police even when the people democratically elect a socialist that was just to distract you from how we don’t get to vote for cops. Anyway! This week Metro managed to control themselves and only kill TWO suspects in custody. Which is hilarious mostly because IT IS ONLY THURSDAY.

YES IF YOU MAJOR IN POLITICAL SCIENCE YOU CAN TAKE AN ETHICS CLASS! That surprises a lot of people probably because its optional. I’m going to have to ask someone if cops take an ethics class, but I know they probably take an economics class because every time they gun down some minority they get 6 weeks of paid leave while the murder incident is “investigated” … um, BY METRO. And then all their buddies haphazardly contaminate evidence and lie under oath and shit until they decide that bro was totally not guilty, Las Vegas! Now, believe that and pay your parking tickets like good citizens.

How was that cop supposed to know that shooting a handcuffed guy in the back would result in his death? It’s not like he is a doctor or physicist or something. You can’t expect rocket science like that from cops, people. They probably have to use lethal force to avoid being outsmarted by Las Vegas’s diabolical criminals. Especially the ones with 3rd grade educations who don’t speak English. Oh yeah, and the ones who are unarmed! Those are the craftiest ones!

After being found innocent by a group of his fellow Metro-tards the cop comes back from his paid vacation in Hawaii or wherever and goes back to work like that shit never happened. I bet they high-five and everything. And then spread the word that if you are having marital problems you should probably kill someone because then you will get time off to go to a couples retreat or some shit and satiate that bitch so she won’t take your kids. Another awesome incentive to be a shitty crimefighter.

And then the police act all INDIGNANT about it when everyone talks shit behind their backs like we have a death wish or something and want to speak truth down the barrel of a gun. Yeah right I want to live, thanks. I’m just still mad about that time that cop pulled his gun on me for no reason and made me vomit because he was afraid a 105 lb GIRL would physically overpower him unless he had a weapon.