I only need a blog because no one else is awake at this time.

Working at a bar in Las Vegas is weird because Nevada doesn’t have a lot of rules for people who drink alcohol. One time I accidentally went to a casino at 6am and there were people in there drinking.

Because the bars never close here, probably not even on Christmas. Service industry fucktards and bartenders and shit probably want to work on Christmas anyway because if the boss was all “I will give you Christmas off to spend with your family.” then we would be like NO WAY I AM TOTALLY WORKING CHRISTMAS BECAUSE SUICIDAL PEOPLE PROBABLY TIP A LOT! We are all whores here.

I got called in to work at midnight Friday because this one band performed and brought tons of people in. The bar bosses didn’t check the bands myspace to notice that the band has 15 THOUSAND friends. Thats the problem with myspace, people don’t take it fucking seriously. And then some fifteen year olds get raped and I get called in to work on my night off. Fuck myspace.

But since we have no laws about alcohol we didn’t stop serving at 2am like in normal places. At 5:30 the band had me lining up 20 shots of Grey Goose for everyone {left} in the bar. And then they tipped me $40 and told me to drink. And I did. BECAUSE FOR A $40 TIP I WILL PRETTY MUCH DO ANYTHING. Even if the lead singer in the band has a lisp.


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