I should be looking for a job

If ever you come to my house for dinner a good time will be had by all because I will make you a fabulous hamburger helper casserole. from scratch. Thats just the kind of domestic bitch I am. You will dine on fine appetizers such as cheezeits and warm vodka in a plastic cup and for desert if you are lucky you will get a finely prepared hard candy made by the very prestigious Wonka company.

Probably your dining experience will be enhanced by watching something excellent on tv like re-runs of Reba and I will regale you with fascinating tales like the time I went on a diet that consisted of nothing but chicken strips and clear gatoraide and lost 20 lbs. I will tell you these stories while I eat the leftover scalloped potatoes out of the pan on the couch in the living room.

Most likely I will be wearing my pajamas the entire time.

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