im from the ghetto homie…

Today tina my manager got fired for doing too much coke and never coming to work except to give me a smoke break and steal my tip money and then leave again. Also she has this boyfriend who comes in and never wants to pay for his drinks or tip or be nice to anyone and steals money from her bank account. Also he likes to do prostitutes in her hotel room while she is at her grandmas funeral. I pretty much think everyone I work with probably has herpes.

All that stuff was okay, but then the promoter for hip hop night had sex with her boyfriend because she used to be a stripper. Tina found out about it because the promoter lives in the hotel room next door. Because they all live in a hotel by the bar because they are all classy as fuck. Oh yeah and the bar is also in the skid row of Vegas where the tourists are afraid to come because there are lots of homeless people and bus stops.

So Tina happened to have a beer bottle with her because classy fucking people always have beer bottles in their hotel rooms. And so she broke it and tried to cut her. and then she got fired. Thats the story of why you can’t get divorced and move to a Vegas hotel room with your kids and start snorting lots of coke.


  1. i am pretty amazed that this has been up here for hours and no one has commented. oh wait maybe it’s because we are all speechless.

  2. Your story today is so poignant and useful, just like an Aesop’s fable……only without the pretty faries.

    To break it down:
    Ho + coke = fired

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