The Skank Patrol

After work we always have awesome employee meetings where we talk about our business plans like how we are going to open a baby food resturant for grown ups because that bananna baby food is some good shit. Also we discuss important issues like how women who hang together get the same cycle so probably strip clubs should all be required to close for a week out of every month. You know, since all the strippers will be cunty anyway. That is just good business.

This one guy always comes in to hassle me because I wouldn’t give him a drink on account of his PRISON ID. He thought that was discrimination even though I was all WHATEVER TALK TO THE STATE OF NEVADA ABOUT THAT.

That guy probably wants to shoot me in the face. Nevermind he really does because he said he did right to me while he was flipping me off. When a crack dealer with a prison ID tells you he is going to shoot you I think that is something you should maybe take seriously. I tried to get security to never let him in again so he could just jump me when I walk to my car instead, but they pretty much still let him in since they get 25% of his crack money or whatever.

Also tonight I learned that selling drugs is like being in the Army or corprate America or something because they have their own chain of command even though they are depraved criminals. Because the guy who owns the corner found out tonight and he loves me and shit so he told prison ID man to stop bothering me. Then he got a blowjob on stage during the show. I guess when you are named Black and are in charge of a whole drug corner in Vegas you can do that in front of a bar full of people and everyone is all “YAY!”

That is also the reason why I call the promoter and all her hoe ass friends THE SKANK PATROL. The Skank Patrol is still around giving blow jobs, but the promoter disappeared last week so we pretty much think someone buried her in the desert because she is not in jail we already checked.


This has been a post from my former blog from when I was cooler. Or at least when I was younger Viva La Crap!

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