Date Rage is a Thing

Hi, I’m 34 and I go on dates. I have lots of red flags. For example, I lack concern for other peoples feelings and I’m probably a sociopath. I’m divorced so I don’t really believe in love and I’m irreparably broken. In other words, I am dead inside. And that is not even all that is wrong with me!

I know you’re supposed to wait until you love yourself or whatever before you start dating but I’ve never been that into me. I’m never going to love myself so what am I supposed to be alone forever? Fuck that. It’s okay though, because healthy people don’t date me and I wouldn’t be attracted to them anyway so it works out.

The best part of How to Date When You’re Dead Inside is that I am not an expert. I do not understand dating at all and this whole thing should probably just be called How NOT to Relationship.

Now that I’ve let you in on the secret that I don’t know what the fuck I am doing, I may as well tell you that this shit is probably going to be REALLY offensive. My dating techniques are mostly unacceptable. My advice will literally get you no where so don’t be hanging around thinking you’re going to “grow as a person” or whatever because I don’t support that shit. You have been warned.

Yes! Lets find some messed up people to mess with and post about it on the internet!

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