SEXsposé: Guys want you NOT to fuck them

This dating book I am reading says all guys want you NOT to fuck them becuase you’re taking the chase away from them if you do. You are depriving them of the joy they get from begging you to do it with them. It says that. In those exact words: Guys want you NOT to fuck them.

I know, “reading a dating book is LAME” but it’s not what you think! It’s actually an audiobook. Don’t judge me, it is pretty hard to read an actual book when you are busy trying to attract guys with the sweet promise of NOT having sex with them or whatever.

Guys want you to not fuck them? I’m going to need an entirely new dating strategy! If this is true, then WHAT IS YOGA EVEN FOR? It’s not like I can attract men with my personality or some shit. Before I change my entire belief system about men, I decided to test this theory “in the field”.

The Academic Shit (Slutty Science)

Anyway, NICE TRY DATING BOOK but this theory is really wrong, probably. I actually tried not having sex with a guy in real life and then he never called me again. Not having sex with one dude is a pretty significant sample group, obviously. THERE, I’m a scientist now. A really slutty scientist.

The control group is all the other guys that I have fucked on a first-ish date. Not to brag or anything, but they seemed pretty into it. One of them even married me for like 10 years.

Conclusion: Guys totally want you to fuck them. Slutty science is so revealing.

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