Left my Wallet in Santiago

I chose to go on the less expensive wine tour in Mendoza. Suffice to say it was unimpressive. Most of it was in Spanish and the translations were suspiciously shorter in length than the Spanish. Nevertheless, we got to see some vineyards and learn about the wine making process. I decided that I still prefer to drink it.

Wine Tasting!!!

We also visited an almond farm and an olive oil producing factory. Not very sure about relevance of those. But they had this cute bunny and at the end we found out that they were going to kill him and try to sell us the pelt!

Cute Fluffy Bunny

No! So that was my Mendoza wine experience. Not really that exciting. Like I said, I prefer drinking to making.


We departed Mendoza for a long day trip to Santiago. The border crossing was much less time consuming from Argentina, but it still set the trip back a lot. But check out this badass switchback road on the way into Chile!

Switchback into Chile

I’m pretty sure that is illegal in the U.S.

When we arrived our first priority was to get some local currency. What a disaster! The conversion rate is $1= 500 pesos. Everyone accidentally took too much money from their bank accounts because they drop the zeros off the numbers. I took “200″ from the ATM which ended up being 20,000 pesos (I think) and that translated to $400 USD. The Santiago money problem is infuriating.

Gas Prices

I have also still been on the hunt for peanut butter. Apparently it is a uniquely American snack. Also, “American Cheddar” is inferior cheese.  I am just learning so much!

We had our farewell dinner. Mine cost me 2700 pesos. Also, it was an avacado with a side of rice. So. Weird. Our group is changing (hence the farewell dinner). Some are ending their travel in Santiago and others are joining us. Again we are sharing bathrooms. But I do feel like I am in South America again.

I am rather upset to learn that our stay will be relatively short compared to the endless days we seem to have spent in places where there is nothing to do. Also, they have “updated” our itinerary without telling me. So apparently we are going to Ancud instead of Puerta Varas. I have looked up our next few stops and found that unless I really want to hike or something the next week will be pretty boring. I am getting travel fatigue.

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