I’m going places

So today I gloriously landed in Washington D.C. with my gang of fellow misfits. Even though it was late, it was still pretty early for us so we went back to the apartments to unload our ungodly amount of luggage. And here I was afraid I would be that one girl who brought too much. Let me assure you. I wasn’t.

On the way to our barracks we noticed some odd things about Washington D.C./Maryland. Like here they have trees. That scares us a little since we are from Vegas. We are basically used to shrubbage, mostly. Also, they all have this weird green stuff in their yards. I’m told that this is grass, I think I remember it some from my childhood. Some of the other students think this Maryland place has a real “Blair Witch” flair. But I’m not scared because I’m pretty sure Dick Cheney isn’t in town.

The rest of the night basically consisted of Chinese food. Who would have thought I would find the best ever tofu in the D.C. China town and eat it next to a signed photo of Ronald Reagan? Life is silly that way.

My fortune said “you are the type of person who is going places”. Um, yeah. Places like Washington D.C.

We stopped for half a second to have a group meeting in the drizzle since we all don’t fit in one van. The teacher told us not to take pictures because we were supposed to listen. We didn’t.

It’s bigger in real life. It is amazing.

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