abandon all hope

For 8 months I have mind-fucked myself into thinking that things would get better if only Tina was gone. Then if Kelly was gone. You should really read about them and click those links too because those were some CRAZY FUCKING BITCHES.

Optimism. I should have known that shit wouldn’t work.

I have now witnessed the death of white night. That is the last straw.

Im pretty much trying to think of a way to get fired for real so I can collect unemployment because I AM PRETTY SURE THAT WOULD BE MORE THAN $80 A WEEK. It’s pretty bad when your current life goal is to get dooced.

Tonight I have a job interview at a real bar. Oh and excuse me but no one even ASKED ME if I wanted to be considered for Vegas’s most sexiest bartender even though I am, dammit. Those girls aren’t even bartenders they are fucking models who serve drinks. What a crock.

I’m just so positive and spirited and uplifting that I am pretty sure I am destined to get the job. I mean just because I got one of my homies to set up the interview THAT MEANS NOTHING PEOPLE. I guess if I get it I will have to start blogging about lame pickup lines again.


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