learn chess

I worship at the altar that is my porch. Worship. The porch rocks my face off. Getting drunk on my porch is pretty much the best thing to do ever. Also I get drunk on my porch and make phone calls so I guess you could say its like my office.

I believe its possible that everything in this picture is stolen because I am not accustomed to purchasing my own things so when people don’t buy them for me I have to improvise. It’s called Darwinism. BELIEVE THAT.

So anyway I was talking to Wicked and told her something about I smoke Parliaments now and she said that black people smoke them when everyone knows black people smoke Newports. I am so revolutionary that I am the only one who has the ability to realize the potential of the recessed filter and how spectacular it is. The recessed filters are magic.

If you smoke Parliaments like me you are probably a misunderstood genius who’s intelligence has or will become a great burden.

But according to her old black guys that play chess in the park smoke Parliaments. This made me realize I should go play chess in the park more often.

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