parliaments with recessed filters

Do you know what is cool? Fucking smoking. Smoking rocks my world because I am pretty much a borderline anorexic with an oral fixation. Also I am an extremist and probably a revolutionary. I am fucking dangerous. Caffeine nicotine ephedra adrenaline espresso alcohol entertainment.

I fucking OWN the freeway. Fuck you Californians driving the SPEED LIMIT and trying to ban smoking and spread your morality in SIN CITY. Nobody is following that smoking ban by the way democracy is so awesome. Californians are stupid and contrary to Tupac they DO NOT know how to party. HEY TUPAC IF CALIFORNIA WAS SO AWESOME THEN HOW COME YOU GOT SHOT IN LAS VEGAS? Probably because LA does not have Circus Circus.

Also I have magic powers and I already know if you are going to tip me just by what you order because in my fake profession you are judged based on what you drink. It’s kind of like racism but more scientific. Like people who drink Hennessy and call it “brandy” totally never will tip you. I am the Steve Jobs of alcohol here.

And high strung! I am pretty much surprised I am able to sit at this computer long enough to actually craft any kind of coherent post before I am all…

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