there is no point to this post

Hey wait. Was it my birthday or something like that? It’s all kind of a haze but I think maybe there was a cake involved.

The only money I made all night on my special day was from this jackass who broke the pool stick. Apparently a pool stick costs $10 to replace so I charged a healthy $50 for my trouble. Happy birthday to me.

The rest of it is pretty much a blur.

My boss is acting really strange and weird and not the normal crackhead weird that he always is because we all know he has some healthy addiction to cocaine and accepted it a long time ago. He called me last night at 10:30 to ask me where the sugar rimmer is. Not because he NEEDED it but because he couldn’t find it.


Something is going on, though. My coworkers and I discussed it and agreed that its going down in the club. And as soon as we can find it. We’re going to blow the whistle.

In case you are not catching on that last part was quoting a hip hop song. Thats because we are all a little bit gangsta. I’m pretty sure I will be writing my own rap songs soon.

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