Now you too can Dickass Employee of the Month someone! In return worship me like the inspiring bitch that I am. Also blog about it too because this award is so fucking prestigious that your blogs will pretty much explode with awesomeness.

In other news I got all sophisticated and shit and bought a domain name because I am rockstar like that. Also because my blog exploded with awesome. So change your links again because I promised fame and fortune to my readers ONLY and I never said I wasn’t high maintenence or whatever.

Also this dude Fletch at Vegas Pop sent me an email warning me that they would be chosing the hottest bartender in Vegas for 2007 pretty soon and in light of my astounding awesomeness I may be considered for that. Now I have to go call my mother and tell her that blogging about your shitty life in Vegas and being constantly negative and pessimistic is NOT POINTLESS AT ALL.

While you all digest that I am off to youtube so I can learn how to video blog my crappy reality show and spew my particular brand of awesome all over the internet.

You should probably also go read this because aside from shit you read here, it is probably the best blog post ever fucking written, homies.

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