I win friends and influence people

So the hip hop promoter got out of jail or whatever and came straight to the bar because this is everyones first stop when they get out of jail apparently because its totally right down the street and also we have a phone so you can call your homies to get your stupid ass. And that is why location is the key to success for a bar.

Oh yeah and she was arrested for solicitation in case you were wondering but she is 100% NOT GUILTY you guys because you don’t become the leader of the skank patrol by getting PAID for sex.

So she is like OH MY GOD EVERYONE IN JAIL WAS TALKING ABOUT YOUR STRONG ISLANDS! Oh yes, a Long Island was a pansy sissy girly drink before I cam along and made it gangsta. Thats the other key to success for a bar: reputation.

In the hood we call that street cred.

I am putting that on my resume.

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