Manifest Destitute!

Once there was this girl and she was all FERVENTLY against welfare. But then the economy totally tanked and her husband got laid off and she was totally on welfare! This is an awesome case of poetic justice, obviously.

So then next time we were all arguing about welfare and whatnot some douche was like “welfare should only buy HEALTHY foods, not like Cheetos and stuff!” And that girl was like

“So I can’t have a FUCKING COOKIE because I am on welfare?! FUCK YOU!!!”

It was basically hilarious. And in the last few days I have noticed lots of people having a “change of heart” and deciding to vote for Obama even though they hate abortion and welfare. So I guess that is the solution. When we are all on welfare I guess abortion won’t be such an important fake politically manufactured issue because we will all be on welfare.

Dude I don’t even know anyone who has “stock” and they are still all freaking out. So bring it on, economy! As long as we are feeling it while we get raped I guess we will do the right thing and NOT vote for the political vandals who caused the shit. You know, not THIS election anyway.


  1. I lost nine dollars out of my “retirement fund” last quarter. I’m definitely feeling the crunch.

    To the people who are upset that they lost a few million I say, “Be glad you had a few million to lose in the first place.”

  2. Well at least the republicans can’t get to my money because I don’t have any 401K shit or anything…it’s all hidden in my mattress. Wait, Kidding, folks!!! Kidding!

  3. I lost over $15,000 so far & that AFTER I switched it all to safer fund accounts. Still, I say let it all burn down. Time to thin the herd. Let them all starve and die and move back to Mexico. Fuck everyone. I'm off to Oktoberfest tonight so as long as I can keep buying beers, it's all cool.

  4. i love that girl’s comment.

    and of course it is so poetic justice that she is now on welfare. i want to punch people who support mccain’s health care policies because they obviously have never been denied health care and had to not go to any doctors or dentists for almost two years. grrr.

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