Miss Abomination

No offense, but I consider the Miss America Pageant nothing more than a vapid bitch presentation. I never got why they ever asked them questions like anyone cared what they had TO SAY. Like, I’m sure if they had vast knowledge of politics or public policy they really would not be professional smiley girls anyway. I would be more interested in what they had to say about teeth whitening or bikini waxing because HELLO that is stuff they probably KNOW about.

I don’t think it is fair to ask bimbos their opinions on things. That just makes them think it matters what they think, and it doesn’t because it is a BEAUTY COMPETITION. And no, I don’t care if they have fancy degrees because if they are SO smart then they would probably have something better to do than prance around on stage like some poodles. I seriously think it is unfair to even ask them questions like that knowing that they are just going to get all uncomfortable and demonstrate their complete lack of ability to form a coherent sentence.


And also, no, it was not an impossible question. If she did not realize the answer that she should have given to Perez Hilton, then she is stupider than she sounds. I would have said this:

“I trust that this matter will be settled in time and that the outcome will ultimately be vindicated by history because we live in such a great country that has always been able to overcome differences and form compromises to resolve problems in a peaceful and democratic manner.”

I bet if she said that then she would have won. Diplomacy is sexy.


  1. right?

    i don’t get that competition at all. i hate those girls. one of my students does pageants. you can tell.

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