this is the end

I think I almost made it to the end of Las Vegas Blvd yesterday because I totally got lost. I should not be allowed to go out during the daytime because I don’t anticipate things like traffic and sunlight and stuff. I totally ran a bunch of red lights too but since everyone in Las Vegas drives like a jackass I’m pretty sure no one even noticed. I blame the sleep deprivation for that…

Since I sleep during the day I usually just find it ludacris that there are 8,000 cars on Lake Mead Drive at 4pm. Like seriously, don’t you fucking people ever sleep? I think I forgot how to deal with the daytime from all my vampire nights or whatever. I SERIOUSLY HAVE NOT SEEN THE LIGHT OF DAY SINCE LAST APRIL. Until yesterday.

It’s actually pretty interesting that the whole city of Vegas is like this huge cliche of every shitty desert movie I have ever seen. Like 2 blocks off the strip it turns into the Mexican Barrio and there are fucking donkeys and broken down cars and absolutely NO LANDSCAPING AT ALL. But there are palm trees in the ghetto. So. Um. Thats a plus…

And then I think I am with my people when I look in the rear view mirror and see a couple in a Hyundai with no air conditioning who are smoking cigarettes and looking angsty and I swear they are both like WE FUCKING HATE VEGAS. Its all very Natural Born Killers. Except in Vegas like 4 out of 5 murders are actually committed by the cops. I FUCKING LOVE THIS TOWN! Oh shit, that wasn’t agnsty. Dammit.

I never made it to the end of Las Vegas Blvd. But I am pretty sure if I had there would have been like a snake charmer and an indian smoking a pipe or whatever. And probably the ghost of Jim Morrison. Maybe I should start doing Peyote and like expand my horizons beyond television.

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