voter supression!

So yeah I’m not a good faithful blogger because I have immense responsibilities as a college student. Like I have a lot of slacking off to do and I have to worry about my hair and make up a lot and write substandard snarky papers that offend people.

Plus on voting day I totally got disenfranchised by the Clark County School District when they spontaneously decided to cancel elementary school. Presumably so the children could go vote with their parents and experience democracy or whatever. But mostly so you could overhear children who were standing by their parents loudly saying stuff like “WHY ARE YOU VOTING FOR OBAMA MOMMY? I THOUGHT HE LIKES TO KILL BABIES?!” (Good times.)

My daughter can be anything she wants when she grows up even a lesbian. or a meat eater. or a serial killer. As long as she is not a Republican I will probably still love her.


  1. Just yesterday I found a photo of my from college with my way long heavy metal hair, and there was an Ozzy photo in the background on my apartment wall so I pointed that out to the person I was showing the photo to, mentioning "you know that since i like Ozzy that means I like to kill babies & drink their blood, right?" The conversation ended quickly after that. I think this person (from another country) didn't know who Ozzy was. More good times.

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